PS! You will probably only enjoy this movie if you are a fan of the band Rebolt (


Back in August 2005, when Rebolt was still known as "Powerage", we played a couple of really small shows in our hometown in Telemark, Norway.

This video recording was done by our fan, Jan R, on one of those nights at the pub "Bø Vertshus" in front of...maybe, oh, 30 fans and friends. He made us aware of this back in October 2009 and we got the film a couple of weeks later.

The following is a very rough cut of the concert, with six minutes cut out in the middle of the concert when Bård fucked up his guitar. That was just really boring to watch (and Frode's jokes was so terrible that you would lose all respect for him - even if you cannot understand what he says)!

This is the ONLY excisting film of a whole Rebolt concert, so it's kind of historic. On a very small scale. We didn't, like, save the world with this rock'n'roll of ours. But we kind of tried.

Thanks a lot to Jan R. and we hope you enjoy this very real concert, with all the fuck ups, bad jokes and lots of fun!

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