Follow a filmmaker as he journeys into the Colorado Rockies. Experience the highs and lows as he makes his way through the wilderness in search of the perfect shot.

Shot and edited in four days during Outside Adventure Film School, 2014.

A Film by Michael Pavlovsky, Preston Kanak & Mandy Pavlovsky.

Script by Mandy Pavlovsky.

Story Edit by Preston Kanak & Michael Pavlovsky.

Cinematography, Direction & Editing by Preston Kanak & Michael Pavlovsky.

Special Thanks to Nasa Koski, Michael Brown, Liz Hampton, Micah Baird, Bruce Kirkby, Heju Jemison, Ava Jemison, Tanner Lauringson, Debbie Kringel & Kurt Kincel.

Music Lights & Motion - Hope.

Music Provided by The Music Bed.

Outside Adventure Film School:

Preston Kanak:

You've spent weeks thinking about today. You packed and repacked, scrutinizing over every piece, balancing what you need to survive versus what you need for that perfect shot.

Your last thought as you prepare to walk past the trail head, I hope I didn't forget anything.

It quickly becomes a fleeting thought as the trials, challenges and fast pace of home become a distant memory with every step. The snow crunching beneath your feet slowly begins to drown out the noise of a civilized world.

Until nothing, nothing but the sound of your footsteps, breath and heartbeat fill your ears. You pause to listen to the perfect stillness. This is what it's all about. The sun on your face, cool mountain air chilling your skin as quickly as the sun warms it. A reminder that in these mountains, the winter is king.

You grab your camera to capture this perfect moment, to freeze the beauty forever in time. Towering mountains, ancient forests, a land that's been here centuries before you were ever born and will remain long after you're gone.

The mountains strength always present. And as magical and beautiful as this landscape is, the cold, wet, angry wind and snow are never far behind. The temperature drops, the wind overcomes the silence and becomes the only sound in your ears.

Battling the storm, thankful for your last minute choice of another layer, working to beat the cold. Your perseverance and refusal to give in to the wind only seems to somehow make it stronger.

As quickly as it started, it stops. The sun surfaces and the beauty of the land takes over once again.

The dark and cold start to set in as the sun fades away with the day, but then, the glow and warmth of the cabin, your ultimate goal, appears to welcome you.

The joy of a fulfilling trek and hope that you managed to get that perfect shot. Tonight you're warm. Tomorrow, you do it all over again.

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