I first plugged the Timelapse + aux out to Emotimo camera-In port (I had set the emotimo interval to "external intervolometer"). This was not successful so I tried Aux port to Emotimo Aux I/o port in. I was able to get a trigger to happen and move on the emotimo to start.

I ran my first test of just a normal lapse with Timelapse + triggering the Emotimo and was stymied as the triggering worked, the Emotimo moved, but all the images were over exposed. I was using the Timelapse Plus to Canon 5DMkIII via USB cable connection. I had set my manual mode but every time the Timelapse + would default to some exposure and ISO that was greater. I tried to go from manual to bulb and still no luck. I was only able to get normal exposures by going into AV mode on the camera. The timelapse plus was in "Timelapse" mode by the way.

I then attempted a bramp using ISO and shutter and in this mode when I adjusted my manual settings and they were able to pass through to bramp. Although the timelapse + said "camera not connected" initially I turned everything off and restarted and got past that error message.

I started my bramp and it seemed to work okay. I have some confusion on the Emotimo set up as it asks for static time so I set this fairly low like maybe .5 seconds as I reasoned it was the timelapse plus doing the triggering and I probably shouldn't set the static time very high as the timelapse plus was going to be going through allot of interval/exposure changes.

About 2.5 hours later I came outside and Emotimo had shut off but the camera was still triggering. I think what may have happened is that on one of my prior checks I may have dislodged the battery cable to the Emotimo slightly. Maybe its possible that battery just shut off after awhile so still need some testing there.

So not being a technical person I was able to get the two devices at least talking but with some difficulties (more in normal mode due to over exposure which I thought would be easy). The bramp actually worked best of all expect for the power mishap. I haven't really looked at the video yet to see if that static time messed me up as I'm confused if I should set that or just leave it alone.

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