Jørn Rønnau: Lough Boora Triangle 2002. 3 x 3 x 3 meters. Bog Oak, Bog Pine and Bog Yew in an iron frame.

The sculpture forms a triangular space for meditation. You can sit down inside and look out at a landscape where the bog - due to climate changes - started to grow 4000 years ago killing all the big oak trees, pine trees and yew trees growing there. The peat from the bog has now been completely harvested. Many of the trunks of these 4000 years old trees have been recovered as bog wood.

Lough Boora Triangle is built from these ancient trees.
Constructed around an iron frame, three bog oak trunks form the corners. Stacked bogwood form the walls. The narrow entrance is marked by a triangular serpent stepping plate. Inside is a bog yew seat where visitors can sit down and look out towards the Western horizon, where the sun will set right before your eyes 2 days every year: 21st of March and 21st of September, Spring and Autumn Equinox.

More information: sculptureintheparklands.com


Produced by iarchitectures.com

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