Future Perfect is a fictional, future city. The project began in Eindhoven with a public think tank event titled 'Under Tomorrows Sky'. There speculative architect Liam Young had assembled group of scientists, technologists, designers, artists and science fiction authors have collectively developed this imaginary place, the landscapes that surround it and the stories it contains. The project is a stage set for a collection of fictions, emerging infrastructures and design experiments that can be inhabited as large scale districts of the future city.

Emerging in the shadows of the decaying towers of a post oil Dubai, geo engineered by climatologists and influenced by the imminent economic boom of the Indian subcontinent it is a terraformed urban island. A city that is grown rather than built, a creature, living, breathing and computing, a seething ecology that has become a new metropolitan megaform. Avirtual city, overlaid across the physical, an entire cityscape as an interface, as laser scanning eyes responds to gestures, a facial features of the city citizens.

Future Perfect is a speculative urbanism, an exaggerated present, where we can explore the wonders and possibilities of emerging biological and technological research and envision the possible worlds we may want to build for ourselves. For the future is not something that washes over us like water, it is a place we must actively shape and define. Through fictions we share ideas and we chronicle our hopes and fears, our deepest anxieties and our wildest fantasies. Some of us will be swept up in what the city could be, others will be reserved and look on with caution. We have not walked these streets before, what things may come, in a Future Perfect.


Project Leader: Liam Young

Laser Scanning by SCANLAB

Under Tomorrows Sky Think Tank: MU Foundation, Eindhoven, Bruce Sterling, Next Nature, Rachel Armstrong, Center for Science and Imagination, Geoff Manaugh , Nicola Twilley, Warren Ellis, Paul Duffield, Daniel Dociu, Hovig Alahaidoyan

Authors: Bruce Sterling, Tim Maughan, Warren Ellis. Tim Maly, Rachel Armstrong, Jonathan Dotse, Anil Menon, Samit Basu

Model Makers: Nigel Blake, Dimitri Constantinides, Oliviu Lugojan Ghenciu, Christine Bjerke, Helena Lewis, Quiddale O’Sullivan, Dessi Lyutakova, Samantha Lee, Wen Ying The, Tom Anderson, Gary Welch

Projection mapping: Scanlab, Oliviu Lugojan-Ghenciu

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