How unique is the relation. When you know you have found that one person. That one person on earth who succeeded to find the light inside you. When you both can talk in stares. He understands your signs. She reads your eyes. Apting to build a life together, You and her forever and ever.

The glorious day arrives. Assembling two souls. all the hard work of days to be payed off. Attaining the magnificent happiness and solace for forever.

The day when You are hers' and She is yours legitimate property. Wouldn't you want to have those memories forever? Wouldn't you want to be able to cherish the day throughout your life? Wouldn't you want your grand kids to see how beautiful it all was?

How about a blockbuster motion picture filled with Suspense, Drama, tears, laughter, love and LIFE! Your own personal film on your BIG day, capturing how pretty you looked in that dress walking over that flower-filled aisle, Every tear that fell from your beloved eyes, and every vibe that crossed your face that day.

Making it all possible, The Media Mansion aims to fill your BIG day with all the magic. Favouring everything from Photography to Cinematic video highlights, Pre wedding shoots, Testimonials.

The Media Mansion Weddings | ''Portraying Your Memories''
Cinematographers : Unaiz Shahbaz, Kumail Rizvi
Edit/Post Production : Muhammad Yousuf
Content Written by: Rida Siddiqui and Iqra Rana
Twitter @TheMediaMansion

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