Variation for voice and field recordings from the industrial city of Taranto (Italy)


Presented at Echo Bücher Berlin, in frame of "Corvo Records Showcase"

Many small paper sheets with onomatopoeic words (thunder, whistles, booms, grumbles, snorts, ...) are handed to the audience, who is asked to read aloud and freely interpret the words when indicated. While the audience interpret the onomatopoeic words aloud, we're all immersed in the industrial soundscape of Taranto, based on sounds I recorded between 2008 and 2013, among others:
- screams of street children dancing techno music in Taranto Vecchia, one of the poorest area of the city
- drones of the ILVA's steel plant from the bay of Mar Piccolo
- fireworks during the celebration of Saints Cosma and Damiano's - waves on Mar Grande
- gunshots on Viale Liguria during Christmas time
- at Aragonese Castle, music of raising and lowering of the Italian flag by the Navy, including the music of Italian national anthem
- at Piazza della Vittoria, hundreds of sparrows in the trees, while old people sit on the banks and chat about the future

So I create a pecorino-cheese arrangement on a steel plate and I decorate it with handmade Italian toothpick flags. When the cheese arrangement is ready I offer it to the audience, so we eat together the delicious Sardinian cheese made of 100% sheep's milk. Savouring this first quality cheese is the happy conclusion of the performance, as a way to remind and transform a traumatic event which Tarentinians and myself have experienced in 2008 in Taranto: thousands of sheep were massacred because of the high dioxin level found in their milk.

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