Excerpts from the Electric Zoo festival, labor day NYC 2009.

Joshua Goldberg and I tag teamed visuals for the evening, working with the awesome lighting crew. The projectors were 12k lumen and movable (I forget the brand), so Josh and I would mask one another's output in the V4 and watch it bounce around the tent.

Josh played with his custom Max/MSP/Jitter app, and I used VDMX + v002 effects, mixing with a V4.

Since our output was moving around the tent all night long, it was difficult to get footage from our location, thus the shoddy camera work and pointing the camera at the preview monitor... was a great show though, lot of fun.

abstrakt.vade.info/?p=208 has some screen caps of my output throughout the evening.

Shot on Lumix GH1

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