After waking to find their ankles rigged with proximity triggered explosives, two men find themselves bound together while being forced to play a twisted game of survival as they are hunted by their captors.

Written and shot in 10 days with minimal crew after another project fell through. See the Making Of here:

Higher quality version of the film with over 1 hour of special features:



Gear Provided by
Mike Sutton:
Letus Direct:
RODE mics:
Adobe Software:
Imagineer Systems -
Lens Pro To Go:
Rule Boston Camera:

Special thanks to:
Dan Trachtenberg, Andrew Kramer, Mike Sutton, Hien Le, Aaron Pinto, Tony Yu.

Location and Catering Provided by:
Carl and Barb with

Directed, shot and edited by: Ryan Connolly
Written by: Ryan Connolly & Seth Worley

Todd Bruno -
Josh Connolly -
Justin Robinson -
Tim Connolly sr.
Daniel James -
Tim Allen -
Arris Quinones -
Tim Connolly jr.

Music Composer: Daniel James
Post Production Sound & Sound Design: Rob Krekel -
Visual Effects: Micheal Stark (, Harry Frank (, Seth Worley, Mary Poplin
1st AD/1st AC/Stunt Coordinator: Justin Robinson
Colorist: Ryan Connolly and Juan Salvo at the ColourSpace-
Script Supervisor: Ashley Connolly
Wardrobe: Amber Quinones
Assistant wardrobe: Amanda Connolly
Makeup: Ondrea Connolly
Boom op/battle axe holder: Wayne Phillips -
PROPS: Bill Doran (
Production assistant: Tim Allen, Ansley Allen, Kyleen Connolly, Josh "2.0" Harrison

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