Pandelis Zoumis, local organic farmer, wine maker, blacksmith and amateur folk musician, makes wine the old fashion way. In Kostos village in Paros, Pandelis is harvesting his vineyards and crushing grapes with friends.

Paros is an important wine tasting destination of the Cyclades in Greece. The journey to the island is an opportunity for the wine lovers to taste not only the famous PDO (Protected Designation of Origin Paros) white and red wines that are produced in Paros but also the sweet white wines of the variety PDO Malvasia.

PDO Monemvassia-Malvasia is the newest PDO wine zone, established in July 2010, and has helped in bringing about a revival of the historic, sweet “malvasios oenos” which originated in Monemvassia. From here, the variety spread to the Cyclades and Paros in particular, where it now forms part of PDO Paros whites and reds. From the Cyclades the variety traveled to Crete and from there it became famous throughout Europe.

Pandelis Zoumis,
Apostolos Karayiannis

Filmed & directed by Apostolos Karayiannis
Editing by Mike Aggouras
Music performed by Pandelis Zoumis & Yiannis Gavalas
Clarinet & cumbus: Pandelis Zoumis
Cumbus, santuri & οud: Yiannis Gavalas

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