Coding Out Loud - Rest Apis Getting Started (Part 6)

- Restify content negotiation and middleware
- Restify and basic authorization
- Using TDD to help implement complex http interactions

Play by Play:

0:00 - talks about changes to the screencasts with regards to feedback he’s gotten
1:10 - reviews the tic tac toe Rest Api and what we will cover
2:44 - demonstrates the next problem that we’ll tackle in curl (manually)
4:18 - shows of parts of Restify: creating a server, content negotiation and middleware
6:18 - shows how authorization is wired up in Restify
7:45 - shows how middleware can be added for determining authorization/authentication
8:52 - adds a link to the tic tac toe engine to root
11:11 - starts writing a test for how to join a tic tac toe game
13:40 - explains some dev hooks he’s put into the RestApi to reset the system
14:38 - continues with flushing out the first failing test by setting up two users and creating a game
16:17 - adds the line that will cause the test to fail and begins to flush out the implementation code
18:15 - adds server side code to make the test pass, using the failing test and console.log as a feedback loop
19:55 - expands on the rspec test to further flush out the implementation code
21:00 - adds server side code to come close to the newly elaborated test
24:11 - summarizes what was covered

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