A documentary short about Steve Hoeting, an inventor/ entrepreneur who reinvented the measuring cup from a different point of view.

“Good Morning America” (2003)… Steve Hoeting, Inventor… OXO Good Grips Angled Measuring Cup.

Starring Steve Hoeting. Made by Eric Homan.
Music: “Lacrimae” by Moby. (mobygratis.com)

Special Thanks to Steve and Tanya Hoeting, Eric and Lara Limbert, Ryan Hoeting, Tom Chapman, Julia Rericha, Lisa Homan, & God.

Angled Measuring Cup Rough Timeline
-Grandma made Christmas fudge
-Inspiration to make my own fudge recipe
-Tire of normal measuring cup shortcomings while making Christmas fudge
-Sit down and think there has to be a better way
-Have idea about reading from above and test concept with a ruler angled in a cup
-Think about how to get angled surface in cup for easy reading and without needed an odd shaped spout
-Sketched up spiral wall and angled wall ramp ideas
-Contacted cousin who recently started a toy design company with the tools to make a prototype
-I made a plaster tool with the spiral shape to see how it would look
-A prototype was made and the concept appeared to show promise
-Other spiral prototypes were made and tested
-The angled ramp was tried next and showed to be better than the spiral type
-Cousin who has toy design company happened across an OXO representative while at a toy fair in New York city. He asked if they would work with inventors and they said yes
-A more professional looking tool with wire numbers and lines was made
-Two professional looking prototypes were sent to OXO; one black and one white
-OXO rep happened to open prototypes as OXO president (or manager) walked by. The president liked what he saw and OXO said they like it
-Cousin helps me apply for a patent on the cup.
-Rough agreement was made with OXO
-Wait a couple years as OXO sends cup to design firm to sculpt the design to fit the OXO style, this was a time of hope and prayers
-Finally get indication from OXO that the cup is a go and revise agreement
-After about a year or so the first cups start hitting the shelves in the months before Christmas
-The cup has a great launch including many awards, including the Good Housekeeping Good Buy Award
-Cup gets patents
-Cup takes on life of its own and leaves me behind
-Cup goes international
-Read product reviews online and the good stories make me feel good about making a positive difference
-In hindsight wish several things were done differently, but still need to be thankful to God for what the cup has done

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