Exclusive interview of wedding photographer Sam Hurd for shotkit.com

Read more about Sam's camera gear here: shotkit.com/sam-hurd

- How did you get into shooting famous celebrity portraits such as Denzel Washington and George Clooney?

- How do you prepare for these kinds of shoots, baring in mind you always use difficult techniques?

- How was George Clooney?!

- Was it tempting for you to just use a regular lighting/photo set up with the celebrities?

- Describe a few of your unique techniques (freelens shots, RGB, prism, Benizer etc)

- How do you shoot your long exposure light painting shots

- Why Nikon? Have you been tempted by Canon?

- What camera/lens set up do you use for weddings?

- Your lens choice is predominantly wide angles with nothing over 58mm. Don’t you need long lenses for weddings?

- Describe your use of the Litepanels Croma.

- How do you like the Sony A7r? What do you use it for?

- How do you like the Leica M9? What do you use it for?

- Any tips for aspiring photographers?

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