Here's you riding along on a sunny day
Next thing you know, disaster strikes, and you've got yourself a flat tyre
This can be incredibly frustrating!
What do you do?
Have you ever changed the tube before or you usually take it to the Shop
You try to first remove your your wheel, but this takes a long time to do and never goes smoothly
Your hands are now full of grease.
NOW, You have to find a new tube - did you even bring one with you?
Now, try to use your levers to remove the tyre. Do you know how to use these.
Nine times out of ten this doesn't work and it always takes minutes you don't have....minutes away from your bike ride
Your Sunny Day Has Turned Into a Nightmare
But Wait, what if you were told that you can fix your flat in less than 60 seconds permanently?
With Patch 'N Ride
Patch N ride is the first and only real solution to easily and permanently repair all bicycle tyres that get a flat.
Both Tubular and clincher on the road.. No more greasy hands and no technical skills are needed.

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