Broadstone Studios
22 Harcourt Terrace

Jan 31 – Feb 22, 2014

Opening times 1pm – 5pm Thursday, Friday, Saturday and by appointment

Simon Cummins, Lee Welch, Paul Hallahan, Teresa Gillespie, Stéphane Hanly, Aoife Mullan, Oisin O’Brien, Maya Deren, Mike Fitzgerald.

FUCKIER, SHITTIER, PISSIER (STICK UP FIR-TREE, IRISHISE) looks at three very unique but commonly used words, Fuck, Shit, Piss - defined by an overall theme and design set in place by artist Paul Hallahan. The inception of the idea was exhibited as part of an Engage Studios larger project; Too many Dinner parties at 126 Gallery in Galway in June 2013. Titled Fuck, Shit, Piss, the exhibition brought the works of Cummins, Welch and Hallahan together in an attempt to look at the acquired meanings to the chosen words - one taken by each artist - and also the relationship between them; creating links to patterns and relationships between the works within the gallery space.

The exhibition expands on this original idea, with each of the original artists inviting two more artists (Lee Welch – Stéphane Hanly and Maya Deren / Simon Cummins – Mike FitzGerald and Aoife Mullan / Paul Hallahan – Oisin O’Brien and Teresa Gillespie) each on board for a new incarnation to be presented in Broadstone Studios as part of their Broadstone Invited Artist (BIA) series, which Paul Hallahan was invited to partake in. This exhibition is the second part of Hallahan's alliance with Broadstone, following 'A Lamb Lies Down' which ran in November 2013.

“Religion, for many people, is not taken as seriously anymore so it doesn’t matter if they blaspheme and use profane language in its old sense. And I think sex is gradually going the same way. Micturition, and defecation, and so forth have kind of lost their sting. Pissed is widely used. Shit is used for all sorts of stuff—the shit hits the fan, in the shit, holy shit, and so on. Bodily effluvia is becoming much less taboo. So, you know, what’s left?” (K Allan, 2006)

Broadstone Invited Artist is a project set up to invite artists whose practice spans both artistic and curatorial practice. Initiated in 2013, the program will throughout 2014 bring individual artists and groups to Broadstone Studios to work within its Victorian style dining room.

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