Now I reverse much of what I said in Mark 1a-1c, with surprising results. I've revised this meter four times, and am still testing which version is 'final'. Yet the difference now is so surprising and germane to the 'jim' videos re Luke, I should post these again-revised Mark results, now.

Recap: due to the textual variants huiou theou and emprosthen sou, there are five putative dateline meters one can claim for Mark 1:1-2: 14, 28, 42, 49, 56. The 28 fails the syntactical rule, that a meter never divides by 7 in the wrong syntactical place (i.e., just before a quote but after naming the source of the quote). That's true only if it were the last sevened meter. But it's not, here. So now we have a whole new ballgame.

Elision has much to do with which meter is right, as well. How to tell if my elision assumption is right? Well, the elision assumed here was standard practice among Greek speakers for centuries. Idea that when the same vowel sound ends one word but begins the next, you speak that sound as one syllable. By century's end, folks began to prefer no elision. But here, it was still common and considered good Greek.

Kicker: what's odd about all these alternatives, is that in any event you still come up with 68AD, since each of the alternatives thematically date back to relevant events 'from' 68 AD. We'd know he wrote in 68 AD anyway, from the way Hebrews is crafted, but this added dateline helps us understand what Mark means to say in THAT year, with all the associated isagogics. Better still, we see even more how he's writing the THIRD Gospel, deliberately playing not only on Matthew and Luke's text, but also their meters.

So of course the next step, is to figure out Matthew's dateline meter: see for that.

Download the Mark Revised doc, showing the 14, 28, 42, 56 meter changes: . I've NOT yet changed the notes. A German site presents an intriguing alternative idea of Mark's meter, which is more classical, . By contrast, this channel focuses on Bible's OWN meter style, apart from human culture.

File Name: MarkMetered1d,avi, 2/14/14.

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