I think I may have to get a mental exam or something. I had just completed an overnighter Wed-Thur last week and was not planning another for the weekend. I was still tired from the last trip. There is a ton of effort into pulling off an overnghter and in my mind I think I'm still 22 but my body does not always cooperate like a 22 year old. But I am easily talked into fishing so looked at the weather and saw another wind laydown so what the hell....let's go.

Crewed up with admiral Lanie, Fletcher, Verna, and Ron and left saltponds at 2 PM Saturday. Wind had only just begun to lay down so it was a bit bumpy ride out with the NE head sea but started to lay out just beyond the triangles.

Put the spread out at the tip of the canyon and worked the north wall. Good bait still stacked up around 100 fathoms. Skippies still popping here and there. Half way into the canyon came across acres of 2 tones with what everyone, including me, thought we saw busting tuna feeding with the 2 tones. We thought it was going to be game on but nothing. Then the dirty white boys kept attacking our spread. I tried my best to get away from the whites but they kept trying get hooked. We did a good job in keeping them off the hooks but they did steal a lot of my ballyhoos. Not sure how those bastards slide a hoo off a hook but not get hooked.

Got to the NE corner at sunset and decided to setup there for the night. Everything laid out just on time with lake like conditions all night. Beautiful sunset as I'm setting up the night gear.

Got 2 lines set at dusk while working on the 3rd, I see my second line had crab walking from port to starboard. I didn't think much of it because the current out there does funny things so I thought the current had it. I go to crank it in to reset it with more weight and suddenly I feel a lot of weight on the other end and little head shake for a brief moment then the hook pulls before I can set it. Only other pull all night after that was a small mako, might have been keeper sized but too close to call so we released him to grow a little bigger. Lots of small bait around the boat including lots of these guys, not sure what they are. Some squid around but not enough to catch any.

Nobody else on the Norfolk to talk to at night but did talk to another chunker on the Baltimore. Sometimes the conditions are perfect to talk clearly for 100 miles. Also heard clearly some boats out of OI. Got on the troll at 5 am to a sunrise more beautiful than the sunset.

Worked north of the canyon and drilled the canyon again but nothing for us. Trolled through lots of pods of skippies, 2 tones, and pilot whales and no tuna and no mahi. Where the hell are the mahi? Despite my best efforts to keep the dirty whites off my lines, we manage one for Verna which was her first. She declined to be creeked but we reminded her there is statute of limitations on creeking so Verna.

No tuna for us...what a difference a few days make after going 4 for 11 on Thur. With no temp breaks, no gulf stream eddies, no weed lines, 81 degree water everywhere, labrador still running hard, there is nothing to really help on where to fish.

Still a great weekend for fishing and I'm glad we did not pass up the opportunity. Can't catch fish unless you got lines in the water. Maybe our tuna fishing will be good again after the water cools. Will give me time to do some boat and tackle maintanence to get ready when they do. Still a great weekend on the water.

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