Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist Walt Handelsman spoke at Flagler College on Feb. 11. Here's a sampling of what he said:

"I'm looking for a metaphor to place into my political cartoons."

"Sometimes I am contacted by politicians who want my cartoon that makes them look bad. Unusually they want to hang it in their office."

“Political cartooning is fun because you can poke fun at news and politicians. You get to say things other people can't say.”

"I didn't want to take a risk with Fox. I like my job too much,” he said, responding to a question about why he hasn’t gone to Hollywood or New York to create a show like “South Park” or “Family Guy.”

"People don't want to see cartoons that are vanilla. They want to laugh."

"The engine that drives this creativity is panicking...sheer panicking."

"Many times I like to incorporate things that I don't care about into my strips."

"By far the greatest change (in cartooning) has been the internet. Now the news comes in so many ways."

“Voices are what drive the animation. It's a complicated process, but a lot of fun."

"One 60-second animation takes 60 hours to make."

Quotes collected by the following Flagler College students:
Brittni Allen
Madison Weinckowski
Delanie Hansen
Sarah Hansen
Gwen Crowe
Emily Topper
Cassie Fernandez
Lindsey Sperber
Natalie Merante
Riley Smithey
Raisa Montilla

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