Break Down

1st Project - "Manpupuner"
Some AfterEffects puppet animation, and a few concept sketches and tests for a rock monster story that remains in progress.

2nd Project - "Gillie"
Clips from a short Flash animation in which I am a green bird and my sister a pink fish.

"Puppets and Props with Stop Motion in Mind"

3rd Project - Almanac
A book of early almanacs, which I transformed into a bookshelf, binding the contents into tiny, readable, individual volumes on subjects like "Home Medicine" and "Beekeeping." I also made a thimble-sized basket, a clock with movable paper cogs, and other filled drawers and working props. Mixed-media.

4th Project - Couple Watching TV
A couple of articulated papermache women watching TV in their living room. Mixed-media.

5th Project - Wooden Dragon
An articulate wooden dragon made out of dowels and walnut pieces.

End - Walk cycle compilation from pictures of feet walking along the Parikmara path in Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh, India

Title pages - Exercise on unexpected movement

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