Au sein d’une communauté Emmaüs, les portraits singuliers, inoubliables, d’Ulysse contemporains.

Un film de Matthieu CHATELLIER

" Non loin de la mer, dans un sous-bois parsemé de bennes et de hangars, vit une communauté d'hommes. Ici, ils ont trouvé refuge en attendant que faiblisse la tempête. Le film raconte leur quotidien dans ce bois où aboutissent des milliers d'objets disparates. Ces hommes nous livrent alors leurs étonnantes aventures avec délicatesse et retenue."

Not far from the sea, in an undergrowth strewn with skips and debris, lives a community of men. They have found shelter there, to wait for the storm to subside. In this twilight setting the film chronicles the day-to-day lives of these people marked by wandering and poverty. Unkempt and taciturn characters, rescued in this wood where thousands of disparate objects end-up, turned down of our daily life. As the meetings go along the filmmaker shares the silence, the privacy, and the stories of these men. Then they confide their amazing adventures to us with delicacy and self-restraint.

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