Blender: Cycles: ~80 Secs per frame*: 670 GPU

This is a character that I have been working on for a while. It started as a 2.4x blender project and can be seen in its earlier form on my showreel. I later revisited the model because I was never happy with the face and I made some improvements, at the same time I experimented with cycles but lacking hair rendering at the time made it difficult to reap the advantages of cycles.

Now that Cycles has hair rendering I was able to revisit the project and update everything and improve the characters appearance. I am still not sure which hair style I like the most so I have done a side by side comparison until I do.

One of the other goals of this project was to get the render time down to a level that would allow me to create some animations with Cycles. The render time averages about 80 seconds per frame on my 670 GPU per character. I know there is some noise, so my final renders might take a bit longer than that.

*Render time per character

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