This week we talk to two artists with technical smarts. Artist/performer Sarah Angliss has been researching the Uncanny Valley, and we hear about some of the eerie musical experiences she has created. Sarah plays everything from the piano to the theramin and frequently makes use of automata and robots in her shows.

Paul B Davis is an artist and lecturer at Goldsmiths, well-known for his work with computer art/music collective Beige, particularly NES cartridge hacking. As Paul mentions in this video, Beige were among the first to record audio data for computers onto vinyl. Both classically-trained musicians, both drawn to a historical aesthetic that goes beyond simple nostalgia, and both fascinated by the technical and creative process of art-making, Paul and Sarah find they have much in common.

We also play Sarah's Astro Wars game, and Dave Green joins us with some of the Easter treats already in the shops.

Update: full audio episode now online at @shiftrunstop

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