In Season Two's inaugural episode, Ben (of "Lick the bark" fame) is back with his new girlfriend Madeleine, an earnest, sensual poet who wants to break Ben out of his shell. The pair come to see Saige for some sexual and psychic healing, as well as some pre-Valentine's Day advice. But per her usual unorthodox style, Saige pulls out all the stops, including an exercise ball, like you've never seen it used before.

When Saige's sexual block starts to feel like her own personal Alcatraz, she takes matters into her own hands, scheduling a private with the renowned and celibate Tantric expert, Chandan Schtiff. As he guides her through some heavy breathing

Saige Winters: My Psychic Life
Copyright Feb 13, 2014
Suzanne Smith as Saige Winters
Asa Varrette as Ben
Molly Carden as Madeline
Directed by Suzanne Smith & James Jones
Story by Suzanne Smith
DP James Jones
Editor Becky Bush, Nick Burgos & Robert Vornkahl
Title Design by Yasmin Mistry
Hair and Make-Up by Gad Cohen
Post Production Supervisor Suzanne Guillette
Created by Suzanne Smith
Original Concept by Chris Beetem

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