Some of the footage and timelapses of Telling Life are available for licensing through Getty Images:

I've been in Byron Bay (Australia) many times, specially lately, but I always left my cameras behind, at home, why? because when I go to Byron, I just want to relax and forget about work... but, I can't avoid the temptation of taking a camera and filming something. So I did it, but with an Iphone 5C and with a GoPro Hero3.

This short film is a mix of time lapses and slow motion about that part of Australia that I love so much, from the coast to the hinterland; from Byron to Ballina.

My reflection; I always, as some of you, want the latest amazing camera or lenses or tripod or... whatever for my professional and personal projects. But this time is different: this is the first time I used just an Iphone 5 and a GoPro Hero3 and I have to say that I'm pretty happy with the result. So... at the end, is it all about equipment? What I mean by that is: Do you really need that latest, amazing, expensive equipment or can you do something cool with what you already got?


Cameras: Iphone 5C and GoPro Hero3 + Different apps for the Iphone
Edition: Final Cut Pro and After Effects
Music: Wild (Instrumental) by Parade of Lights

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