“WANNA FALL IN LOVE? AGAIN?” is exclusively dedicated to all those married couples and ABOUT to be married couples. I, ABDUL GHAFOOR SHAHZAD, took great pains in making this video BECAUSE there were some heart-pulling moments that almost made me – A MAN, cry out in a rapturous never felt or experienced before in a momentous moment…that moment came in my life while I was with wife, my life and my life partner, and my companion of 30 years strong wedded life…when I decided to surprise my wife by taking her out for ‘brunch’ session, by telling her that a dear friend of mine had invited us (only husband & wife) for a Saturday Brunch Session at AVARI Hotel, Karachi. Poor, gullible wife, friend and life partner my loving wife is (aren’t all wives gullible?), took the bait…but she weakly protested by saying “What would I be doing there in the company of total lady strangers, whom I have never met before? Don’t you think I would be simply out-of-place?” I replied “Darling, no worries, my friend’s family will be joined by their extended family members who have flown-in from Dubai, Jeddah, New York, Chicago, London, Turkey and Toronto”. This took her by surprise and I told her that since the ladies are going to be in absolute majority, she, by coming along with me, would have a great opportunity in interacting with such a niche ‘global’ community of Pakistani expatriates. She got the point!

We started-off…soon in 10 minutes, I was parking my vehicle opposite ATRIUM CINEMAS in Saddar, Karachi. When she asked why I was parking there and NOT at AVARI Hotel, I told her that my friend would be sending his car to pick us up, and that we had just about 30 minutes left. So, I suggested that we do a bit of ‘window’ shopping TOGETHER at a premium Shopping Mall such as THE ATRIUM MALL…My heart was racing…the time was 9.30 A.M….SHOWTIME@THE ATRIUM; CINEMA 3 for watching ‘WAAR’ was exactly 10 A.M. I had a lot to DO: Do some hasty ‘window-shopping’, furtively glancing at the TIME on my Smartphone…Seconds ticked…Finally, we were having our cups of Coffee, along with some snacks on the 3rd Floor of ATRIUM MALL (where ALL the ATRIUM CINEMAS are located)….EVEN then my unsuspecting wife did NOT realize what GAME I was up to! BEFORE she had the FIRST sip of her coffee, I quietly placed my hand-written ‘Note of SINCERE LOVE’. As she was reading my note, I did something even more incredible – I just whipped out those TICKETS for 2@ATRIUM CINEMAS for Movie ‘WAAR’. She was flabbergasted BECAUSE I had NEVER, EVER done this sort of thing before. Overcome, over-whelmed, highly emotional and completely taken by the most fabulous element of SURPRISE, her eyes welled-up with TEARS…the rest of MY LOVE STORY “WANNA FALL IN LOVE? AGAIN?” is DEDICATED in the VIVID images that capture the essence of my feelings I felt that Saturday morning at the cinemas, a moment of truth that said “Oh! Yes! You, ABDUL GHAFOOR SHAHZAD, you are MADLY in LOVE with YOUR WIFE? WHY did it take 30 long donkey years to FALL IN LOVE AGAIN?

Dear Husbands & Wives, Married or Separated Couples, and ABOUT-to-be-MARRIED Couples, AFTER watching my Video “WANNA FALL IN LOVE? AGAIN?”, don’t be shy to express your strongest, most powerful emotions of LOVE on any day, including that special day bequeathed only and only to all those who are in love - VALENTINE'S DAY!

Take time JUST or you 2 Love Birds...FALL IN LOVE – ONCE AGAIN, MADLY in LOVE...rediscover, rekindle that spark that FIRST ignited that FIRE of BURNING LOVE when you BOTH took your WEDDING VOWS… To truly enjoy being TOGETHER just FOR EACH OTHER, get away as far as possible from your home and from your city…if possible, EVEN from your COUNTRY! Get away from this never-ending humdrum of life that separate you as husband and wife, that just make you exist as a couple. It's TIME you broke that code and started living life as TRUE, CARING, LOVING, SINCERE FRIENDS for LIFE. This GREAT ESCAPE will GIVE you THAT OPPORTUNITY! Take it or LOOSE it for life!

ONCE you are there with your wife or husband…bring it ALL BACK with a BIG BANG!
Get tender...handle the gender slender...your life; you think "No, she's just my WIFE, so what’s the big deal?” NO! SHE is YOUR LIFE, and THIS is the BIG DEAL! The Best ever BIG DEAL! UNDERSTAND the fact that SHE is the ONLY true COMPANION...who has always stood by you and will continue to do so...in times good or bad. Get the LOVE bug as huge as THE TITANIC...have an experience of a LOVE time!

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