On February 16, 2014 Lead Pastor Mark conducted a live Q&A session at the end of his message. This is the video of the Q&A session from the 10:45am service at the Old Mill Campus.

Questions addressed in this video:
-Which version of the Bible should we study?
-Will the Cubs ever win the World Series?
-How can I spread the words of Jesus and not be a hypocrite?
-Are you ever too far gone to be saved?
-How are we supposed to fear God and love him at the same time?
-How is Jesus different in the Christian faith?
-How can people struggling with really difficult circumstances feel that God is with them? Why must some believers suffer so much?
-Where should I start reading the Bible?
-What promises (outside of Salvation in Jesus) does the Bible promise us?
-If the Bible says the future is in the hands of God, why should I pray and ask for things?

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