I've been looking for my mom for the past 3 or so years. I haven't seen her for about sixteen years, I'm 22 now. I finally found her this past Thanksgiving. As it turned out, she had been trying to find me also.

We waited about two months to get together so I had a little extra time to work and save some money, we were finally reunited on 02/13/08, just 3 days before my 22nd birthday. I spent a week with her & my two little sisters before I went back home.

She & I had been emailing each other pictures since November. Some of the pictures in the video are ones she emailed to me, but most of them are pictures of her my dad kept if my brother & I ever wanted pictures of her. I also added some pictures of me into the mix as I felt that it was appropriate since she had been hoping to hear from one of us; but I tried to make it more about her than about me.

I told her "When You Come Back to Me Again" by Garth Brooks always reminded me of her; and after she heard it, we made it our song.

I hope whoever views this video likes it.

Thanks for watching.

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