Paradise Springs

"Unlike many springs open to divers there is no large pool and no stream or run flowing from it. Paradise Springs is a "Karst Window" -- an opening to an underground stream. History doesn't record when the earth collapsed, revealing the clear water below, but the years have made the landscape dramatic. Set among the rolling hills of the Ocala area terrain and shaded by magnificent oak trees, the view from the steps down to the water is quite picturesque."

The large cavern room opens up as you move deeper. Fossils are imbedded in the rock strata. Prehistoric sand dollars, sea biscuits, and the remains of ancient marine life are imbedded in the limestone. The main cavern has enough interesting features for an entire day of diving.

A guideline will lead down a large shaft to a small room at approximately 99 feet. Most surface light will be lost at this point but the surface light glow is still visible most of the time at the 99ft. level.

Beyond the sign there is a small shaft that continues to a depth of 140 feet. No diver should proceed beyond the warning sign unless full cave certified and properly equipped for such a dive.

Air fills and cash only



Shot & Edited By: Swany

Swany Swan 2014

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