Excerpts from several performance installations presented by ETS (formerly the CONTACT project), directed by Krista DeNio.

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Field of Inquiry: Body Politic Edition (2014)
*Collaborators: Daniel Davis (Assistant Director), Sonia Decker, Remi Frazier, Stephen Funk, Hope Hutman, Daniel Lippel, William McQueen, Utam Moses, Misty Snyder, Tina Taylor
Music heard: Stephen Katz
CONTACT, Western Mass: Holyoke, Massachusetts; Canal Gallery (2011)
*Collaborators: Nicholas Chavez, Samantha Francis, Kev'n Garcia, Laura Markis Johnson, Pat Mack, Lyle Phipps
Music heard: Susan Oetgen

About the project:
EchoTheaterSuitcase project is a contemporary performance training and development model, bringing together mixed ensembles of veterans of war and military service with non-veteran civilians, to co-create an audience-interactive performance installation.
Acknowledging the societal divide between veterans and the rest of the civilian population, ETS asks us to consider our relationships with territory, survival, violence, trauma and our real and perceived needs as individuals and communities. What do we have in common? Where do we differ? What can we learn from our different, but connected histories? Investigating our individual, daily realities, personal histories and [connection to/disconnect from] war, we begin to trace patterns in relationship with our communities, and the larger global events. One to one relationship building, in the context of larger group performative sharing [performers and audience] becomes an intimate, global experience.

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