A collection of films puppets would like. By Ragnar Freidank. Puppets by Julian Crouch; Music by Mark Stewart;
Puppets operated by: Jessica Scott; Seamus Maynard; Robert Thirtle; Nick Haverson; Saskia Lane; Vicky Finney; Meghan Williams. Created for the ARMCHAIR PARADE during the BRIC Fireworks Residency in Brooklyn, 2013. In 2014 the installation was shown at the Dillon Gallery, Manhattan. Watch the ARMCHAIR PARADE filmed by Eddie Marritz here: vimeo.com/77270373

The films: Punch Crossing; Hitting Punch; Throwing the Flowers; DeathPunch; ScullPoliceman; Throw the Baby; Twirling Punch; Double Policeman; Scary Dude; Quadruple Punch
; Boob Ballet; Flying Sticks; Swinging Polly; The Bird; Hanky Panky; Joey and the Sausages; Killing Joey; Guarding the Sausages; Punchoscope; Punch and Crocodile; The Standoff
; Punch and the Snapping Crocodile; Bringing the Baby; Playing the Bed; The Eyes; Nooses; Emerging Devil; Hand Ballet; Merging Punch; Swinging Pants; Wiggle Chickens; Evil Puppet; Hands of Hell I; Hands of Hell II; The Penises; Swirling Feet; Three Devils; Devil Ballet; Flashing Skull; Hand in the Ring; The Boxers
; Dancing Skeleton; Rob Chorus; Double Punch; Double Devil; The Pigs; Ringing the Bell; Punch in Prison; Toby the Dog; Wolfs and Sausages; Double Bull; Hanging Men; Two Big Heads; The Door Concert; Birth of Punch I; The Ringmaster; Doctor on the Steps; Devil Concert; Entering Devil Duo; With a Pig in the Car; the Sausage People.

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