This showreel is an edited together series of tests i did while trying to teach myself video production, animation, editing and illustration, mixed with a few bits and pieces of real work.

Its the product of many moments of having my mind blown by some of the incredibly talented people working in motion design, 2D animation, and video production, and the fruit of a year and a half, starting for scratch of trying to learn everything from the basics up. It's also beautifully inspired by the music (Simon O'Reilly - Take it Slow) for which i'm forever grateful.

°Thanks to Auzix, Sir-Dezz & Zatoitchi who all feature, and also to the #toomanytomention guys like Greyscale Gorilla, who make it possible for people to learn this stuff, also forever grateful.

Delighted to see the back of it (yeah yeah we saw it's already out of date) and begin some new projects.


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