What's The Cult of the Black Egg?

—It's a complete mystery.

I live in a house in Los Angeles that has had a long history of hosting artists. In 2013, I did some major clean up in the back house (which is an old-school photo lab build circa 1960's) and found in one of the cabinets an envelope filled with typed papers and a few cassette tapes. The material, dating from the 70's, was almost incomprehensible. These papers talked about "The Cult of the Black Egg" and mentioned a series of names, including some pretty well known artists such as Philip K. Dick. The cassette tapes were utterly weird, with curious sounds. Some of the material was simply signed "Mr. Jean." I did not know what to make of it—but I liked the strangeness of it : )

*** Disclaimer: I may be completely wrong in this interpretation—As the old adage says "Nothing is true; everything is permitted")—enter at your own risk.***

Apparently, The Cult of the Black Egg was an extremely short-lived group (sometimes calling itself "The Cult of BE") composed of artists and 70's thinkers who's aim was to achieve time travel (I can't tell if it was literal or not). Apparently, their claim was that, by using specific audio frequency, it was possible to reach something akin to a meditative state that would allow some sort of "psychological time travel." And then, of course, it gets weirder, and weirder.

So . . . What to make of this?

After spending a lot of time thinking about it, what interested me the most was that this group of artists were not just "a cult" in the classic sense but were more like a radical artists group.

In that spirit, I've decided to imagine how would it be like if this group was still in activity, and what it would be like if the stories they alluded to (time travel, reality distortions) were real. So I've been working on a new short fiction film exploring these themes that I will release July 4th, 2014.

In addition, I'm currently compiling (and reorganizing) the original material and I may publish it separately in a book format.

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