Test shoot with the Glidetrack Shooter SD and the Canon 7D. Glidetrack is a simple portable rail that allows you to do easy dolly movements.

This is an abridged version of a family Christmas video called "Pseudo Christmas". It's called that way because I was in Brazil during Christmas, so I celebrated it with my family on New Year's eve instead. So it was Christmas, but not really - hence "Pseudo Christmas". This abridged version has all the family stuff cut out and contains for the most part dolly shots made with the Glidetrack Shooter SD.

The final verdict on the Glidetrack: Brilliant. It's quite easy to use and get steady shots. The "Shooter" version has two handles on one side of the glidetrack which supposedly allows you to use it as a shoulder mounted support. That part is completely useless and takes up enough space to make it hard to put in a tripod-bag. Apart from that feature, it's surprisingly compact and light. The SD version works well with the 7D, both with the camera mounted directly on the glidetrack and when you put a light fluid head on it (I've tried it with a small Manfrotto 128RC head).

The bottom line is that the glidetrack is really worth every penny and dolly movements add a lot to a scene - I highly recommend it.

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