The Origins of this California Bail Education School, Specializing in the Hybridized Department of Insurance Approved Bail Agent Pre-Licensing Course Curriculum that also Addresses Legal Bounty Hunting, Taser User Certification, and provides Advanced Bail Bond Motion Studies to address Forfeiture Liability Management Resolutions, were, are and continuously Evolves into a wholly State-of-the-Art Brand of Bail Education—Bar None.

In early 1994, would-be bounty hunters began contacting Rex and requesting an opportunity to somehow obtain “experience” in bounty hunting in order to secure bounty hunting jobs. This series of bail bond company owner referrals led to the Critical Response Training Academy based out of Tracy, California and served as the catalysts for what today is known as California’s Fastest Growing, Most Trusted, and Most Transparent Bail Education School in California and with students traveling from all over California, the Mid-West, the East Coast and even internationally to learn for themselves why Bailspeak is the Number 1 Choice for bail bond job recruiters—bar none!

Rex originally submitted a hardcopy proposal, faxed proposal, email proposal and follow-up telephone calls to the then existing bail education providers in California and offered to provide his vision in bail education curriculum and to even instruct the curriculum for the up and running bail education providers in 2006, but not one replied in any way whatsoever.

Undaunted, Rex then took on the major task of getting a new Brand of bail education up and running despite the so-called “experts” claiming that the bail education establishment could not be disrupted from the complacent status quo consistent with, arguably, mediocrity; indeed, bail agent pre-licensing before Bailspeak was basically hours of an instructor reading Insurance and Title 10 Code sections verbatim and with little to no mention of bounty hunting or bail bond law and motion.

Today, Bailspeak students arrive from all over California and even by-pass class offerings from the few remaining bail education providers to attend Bailspeak’s very exclusive Brand of California Bail Education; moreover, Bailspeak classes are now reaching capacity, sometimes months in advance, largely because each class is kept small by design and goes to the very important personal attention of each student who are transitioning to Alumni.

Bailspeak is going into its seventh year, and, included with other bail school photographs, is the very first California Department of Insurance Approved bail agent pre-licensing class that was held in Modesto, California during the weekend of March 7th through the 9th in 2008.

~ From the Bailspeak Ladies and Rex, thank you all for your support ~ Christine, Bailspeak General Manager

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