This is my Graduation Movie made at Supinfocom Arles in 2011.
It was a team project and for the need of the movie made in 3D stereoscopic we were 5 members to work on it:
Ludovic Habas, Mickael Krebs, Florent Rousseau, Yoan Sender and myself Margaux Vaxelaire

On this movie I took care of:
- the pre - production researches as the locations for the movie, the monuments we can use...
- the modelling of the Grand Palais and his wood exhibition
- the props modelling as the cloths of all the secondary characters, the accessories
-some props modelling of the town, the velibs etc...
-the layout of the exhibition of the Grand Palais
-the layout of a plan of a street near Notre Dame
-The VFX of a plan near Notre Dame as the impacts and cars deformations, explosion fo the windscreen, animation of the trees and leaves
-The VFX of the lasts parts of Notre Dame destruction : re-modelling, destruction , animation, simulation/particles and fumeFX
-all the contacts with the composer
-a part the sound effects work

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