This is another great personal project I took for improving my animation skills!
I put in practice most of the tecniques I have learned so far in animation! So this is the result and I am really happy with the final result.

In Costa Rica, it seems that it's just a variable used to refer to any person without saying his name. So, it's synonymous with "tipo" or "fulano", “mae” or "so-and-so" or "guy", “boy”, “dude”, “bro” in English.
Example: Hey! Did you like the movie? NoGüon!!! Was amazing!

I worked on this project in my spare time.
It took about 2 weeks.

I hope you enjoy it and do not hesitate to commend share and like!
Pura Vida from Costa Rica!

Software used: Adobe after Effects
Design & Sound Design by Guido Agüero.

More details here:

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