After creating "April Showers" I thought it would be fun to see the same backyard in the sunshine. The title "April Sunshine" suggests a connection to the earlier work. Springtime in South Arkansas is beautiful beyond words, hence we must resort to film, video and music to capture something of its wonder.

The video was shot on April 5, 2008, with my Sony V1U using the standard lens. I was zoomed out on a lot of the shots with the iris opened as wide as my ND2 filter would allow. As a result I was able to get some interesting depth-of-field effects without using a 35mm adapter.

Editing was done on Final Cut Pro 6 on my MacPro, no color correction. I did smooth-cam a couple of the pans to get rid of my jittery motion.

The music of Aaron Copeland has long been a favorite of mine. More than any other composer, he "captured" the sound of America. Appalachian Spring was my first and only choice of soundtrack for this short video.

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