So, as those of you who've seen my last video already know, my ninth album (or third official album), PatriPSYCHotic!, came out in spring of 2010. I had difficulties getting things right on certain songs, such as this title track. What you see here is an actual recording session for the title track by the same name as the album, though what you hear is the processed track after said recording was mixed. Not all the vocals you hear in the track that plays are from this session, but about 90% of them are. You can tell which ones aren't because they appear out of sync. I shouldn't have said that. Maybe you wouldn't have noticed.

NOTE: This is not the final version which appears on the album. This was just to show what I was working on at the time.

The lyrics are written and copyrighted by me. The tunes are covered under fair use as parody, and most of them are in the pubic domain anyway, so I guess that's a moot point. The artwork displayed is copyrighted by me, but it was drawn by Joshua Mitchell at my request. Thanks, Ankh!

Again, I feel I have to make the following disclaimer: This song is a comedy song, and if you're offended by it, that means you're the type of person it's making fun of. There. So, if I get hate post... Well, at least I don't have to buy toilet paper for a while.

By the way, the album itself is now available for sale at

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