Giants Defined as;
- Challenges, Oppositions, Thoughts, Mindsets and obstacles that oppose your growth.

No matter where your at in your journey, there are always giants. And they exist for one purpose, to be challenged, overcome and overthrown.

This is a short motivational film starring Glen Thurston, tackling waves of consequence from around Australia. The design of this segment is to motivate and challenge your thinking to rise up, take on your oppressors and engage in the fight. Be encouraged to use this as a resource for public speaking, motivating or encouraging people.

" Life isn't complete without challenges. They train and sharpen our senses, our reactions, testing what where made of. They are like Giants, blocking the gates of promise. BUT we where born to overcome. Rise up, Lay ahold of the promise. For so a man thinks in his heart, so he is."

In association with ID. Boards, Agent Eighteen, BoardLounge, Supersfins and Neways.
Presented by ID. Boards
Produced by Thurston Design
Filmed by Philip Thurston, Tyge Landa, Chris Bryan and Glen Sullivan
Starring: Glen Thurston
Cover photo: Thurston Photo

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