Tropical Astrology Update

I really love Aquarius energy, but I am more than happy to swim into the depths of Jupiter and Neptune ruled Pisces.

The sun is now in Pisces, the Bodhisattva of the Zodiac.
Pisces is here to help us escape three of our lives delusions:
hatred and

This is a magical whimsical time for some of us and a confused, nebulous and overly sensitive time for others.

Be extra mindful of your time. We are in a Mercury Retrograde that started in Pisces and will retrograde back to 18 degrees Aquarius. This decan range is all of Libra and part of Gemini so we are having big shake ups to activate justice and equilibrium.

Since the Moon is in Cardinal Libra, our grand cross square is making it very difficult for some to play "follow the leader." On the other hand, some of you "wall flowers" will be pushed into taking leadership on a variety of things so that you no longer have the luxury of simply judging those that are in charge while taking on the protagonist role as a Martyr.

Since Mercury in Aquarius is Squaring with Saturn in Scorpio, this is a great time not to take the negative thoughts and comments of others to heart!

The Martian/Plutonic Scorpion side can sting you with some self-centered perceptions with no regard to everyone feeling "sensitive" today!

In Fact, with the heated shift of the Lunar Nodes to Libra and Aries, I dub this Mercury Retrograde "CURRY" Retrograde because it has created so many high pressure situations that it is on FIRE! This kind of heat can make wasabi taste like a breath mint.

So be sure to have plenty of kimchi or your favorite refreshing drink around to help wash down all of that "SPICY" heat.

I love Pisces, but I definitely know that too much sea-salt water can dehydrate you spiritually and emotionally.

One fish is pure water and the other is fire so expect that this next few weeks will blow hot and cold. People will be "NEMO" or they will be that "GangstaFish" that starred in all of the "Jaws" movie...And there will be no music score to help calm your nerves.

Tune into your dreams and think outside of the box. Now is the time to use the sacred geometry of the Vesica Piscis creativity that help to create the REAL from the "Ethe-real."

PS...I love fire-signs, but damn I know you all go through it when the sun is in Pisces. All of those "messy," "watery" emotions are just not a good look for you.

TIP: Channel Scorpio's water through PI-SCES and use the Pluto's Helmut of invisibility when you can. Try to keep your hooves out of your mouth. LOVE YOU!

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