Stop Motion video made by 4th level primary student Maria Tosca at Mare de Déu dels Àngels school in Barcelona, Spain.
It's an extra video exercise that some students use to carrying out after they are told about stop motion audiovisual technique during the first term of 4th primary grade.
There are some usual practices after watching an 'extra audiovisual' made by students at 'Didàctica de la Imatge' subject:
- All student group know that all possible things to be improved are great opportunities for all their learning
- After watching extra video the group have to write in their 'Journalism notebook' its technical sheet: date, student that has done it, duration of the video, topic, etc
- Finally student group have to say something that they really liked and why and something that they would change it and why. Anyway they're used to telling about things to improve better than wrong things.
2012-2103 academic year.
Subject: Media literacy.
Teacher: Júlia Hurtado.

Educational practice:
The practice takes the student through three critical stages in the production and delivery of stop motion video: how it is designed (Planning stage), how it's created and recorded (Shooting stage) and how it is edited (Editing stage), and how it is ultimately enjoyed.
Acquired skills: tripod use, background use, photo camera use, framing shots, stop motion technique, windows movie maker program, voice recording use, pen drive use, making off production skills, off voice uses, recording, credits creation uses.
Some difficult things that students eventually overcome time after time:
take photos without show out of the background to the viewer
change duration of the photos in the edition program (which is what make movie be a stop motion one)
recording off voice
adding title and credits
taking photos and adding making off
deal each other with all group students
learning about the difference between a ‘project’ and a ‘movie’
remembering to bring classroom the notebook and the pen drive, and after Christmas time also some headphones with microphone.

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