Hi. This is my first time using a very, very, very cheap tripod (About US$40) with my Canon 7D.


I've bought a Crap tripod like that to get used to tripods and to learn...
Then i will get a Better on... Manfrotto, with FLUID HEAD. :)
But first i need to shoot more, and study a lot, cause i have tons of stuff to learn.

Film Making is much more complicated then take a camera and press Rec. But it's a lot of fun ! Doing everything alone is even harder. lol

In this study, i have my Home Theater as "set" and main subject. Using just the available lights and without ANY previous planning. Everything was improvised at the shooting time. That's not something to follow, but i've learned A LOT, on the 2-3 hours i've too to make this shots.
That version is a Teaser, cause i don't like many stuffs on it. And i will re-shooting some takes. I've been using a SKATEBOARD as "dolly". Very bad solution too. lol.

But anyway, everything is permited, i am Trying&learning. :)

I am VERY HAPPY with the Low Light performance of 7D. I realised how to shoot better in LowLight without any agressive Grain (The projector shots are VERY LOW LIGHT).

The compressed Vimeo has much more grain than my version...

I will try to finish that shooting and that video soon, but my personal goal is already acomplished. :)

I've used a set of 2 lens on this video :
- 50mm 1.8;
- 18-55 3.5 (from Rebel Xti Kit);

I want to do my better with the cheapest and low budget solutions that i can afford now. So, when i upgrade, i will be much more pleased and served, with better gear, resulting in better videos. (Technically).

The "Skate dolly" shots are very "shaky"...

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