Only one person was ever able to guess the method in which I achieved the desired outcome in this film. Hint: It's more simple than you're trying to make it.

Even though I own the copyright to this film, I'm allowing anyone who makes a high enough quality derivative work and posts it as a video response to this, to make such a derivative work. If you prefer not to post it as a video response, I'm not necessarily opposed to the idea of granting you permission anyway. Just contact me. Remember to be original in your god ideas. Also, even though I have permission to use the music, you don't, so you'll have to come up with your own. The royalty permissions with Cinescore themes are only granted to those who have paid for the themes.

The sequel is located here:
You may also view this, as well as its sequel, here:

Music is Cinescore. Sound effects are

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