Depleted uranium has been used in all the major recent conflicts. Soldiers serving for the Italian Army have died or got sick in great numbers, probably for a lack of protecting gears and information.
Today, official figures state that more than 100 died and some 500 are sick from the Balkan syndrome, mainly cancer related illness. Indipendente researchers are now sure that a crucial role in this exponential increase in cancer diagnoses can be given to the use of depleted uranium weapons, that free nanoparticles of heavy metals after they explode. However, the Italian Army and Government repeatedly stated that there is no link between this frequency of cancers and the use of these weapons, altough Hodgkin's lymphoma is more widespread among the italian soldiers who were in the Balkans than in the national population and even more than in soldiers from other countries who were in the same area.
In the meantime, sick soldiers or families of those who died do not receive any form of pension, or a small allowance due to "stress" factors.

Photography and audio:
Michele Borzoni
Rocco Rorandelli

Editing: Jacopo Mariani

Soundtrack: Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto

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