Written by Mysti Mayhem. mystimayhem.com
Ask any feather indian who know all too well
on how America was paved with rocks from hell
And about the control of one race over another
to kill and rebirth a new country over the other
one nation, under someone's God,

but now its' no longer the feather in your hair
the color of your eyes, it's just whats' in the air
selectively shot by those who are here to protect you

a lineage of murderers in a legion to control you
guns in the hands of criminals who never get caught
get a nice promotion when you get shot

I used to bubble my life and believe fairy tale dreams
where my country learned its' lessons and thrives on democracy
but im getting too old to keep pretending what i want is real
and what is real isn't what i want, so i guess i will kneel
and think of the God's and the Natives worshipped
who were raped, murdered, slain, fucked, bought and sold from other men on ships
for the natives up on your reservations who stayed where you were forced
i think of you often i know you're real and not folk lore

i sit and often contemplate the history of my nation
and im goin crazy trying to come up with an explanation
as to why a country whose people are in charge
are allowing the system to be the Criminal At Large
and forgetting the history that paved the way
i don't really think this could go either way

a country whose history is flowing with blood
from people who lived freely under the sun
if at least 1 of their Gods was in any form real
no one should profit or thrive in this devil handshakes deal

anger with every video I see of a child bleeding on the streets
with people screaming and crying "why did this happen to me?!"
and my false idols with a badge who as a child I thought were Supermen
remind me a lot of the stories of killing buffalo and indian men
but the past is the past, and now is now
it's no longer about your color, or your race, class or crowd
it's coming down to US vs them,
not me vs you, or you vs him

as soon as we can get over ourselves and stop attacking eachother
for our spiritual, sexual, political beliefs or another
the sooner we become a forced to be reckoned with
but first I need you to wake up and realize this shit

YOU ARE TOO OLD to keep believing in what's happening
look online, search videos, experience the trapping
I got out of my bubble, and it was the scariest place to be
away from my comfort zone seeing things I didn't want to see
and what I am seeing is causing a flame to grow
somewhere between my chest and my toes
where will this go, no one can know
but let's do this TOGETHER, and we'll never be alone

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