Installation that can experience flowing time of the world.

Traveling Film Maker, Takayuki Akachi had recorded the daily life of
people in the world. By using 18 multi-monitors in one space, you can
see the daily life over 61 countries simultaneously.

The image was played by networked 18 Machintosh Notebooks using a
synchronous program.
He expressed the simultaneity and universality of the world by showing
the images of the same daily life on the 18 CRT-based televisions.

Takayuki Akachi Film Exhibition Tokyo
"The Time of World"
12/18 - 12/27 at PLSMIS
exhibition report >>

film : Takayuki Akachi >>
production : TANGRAM Co. Ltd. >>
tecnical super viser : Hashimoto Masayoshi (philfonic)
program : Koki Ibukuro >>
gallery : PLSMIS >>

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