2 Years ago I made this CV, An application to work with the brilliant Paper Cinema.
I only found out about the offered position the night before the deadline and being under qualified for the job and as dyslexic as I am, I knew there was no way I could possibly write my way into the role in that short space of time. So I decided to draw and animate it! It was an all night and next day affair but this is what I sent to the team..

(there was a little talky bit in the middle where I spoke a bit about myself beside all the cut outs, but due to the cringe-worthyness of that section it has been cut)

I didn't get the job but I did then become a full time illustrator so it turned out all good in the end.

The contact details are no longer correct hence putting this online 2 years after making it. My real contact details are on my website though - BrookValentine.co.uk

The music by the way was Bonobo - Ketto.
I hope you like it.

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