With Damien Gajda
In Paris
Featuring Véronique De Robillard
Music courtesy of Blonde Redhead "There will be stars"
Written & directed by Laurence Guenoun

I am a dreamer.
Dreaming of better times.
Better life.
Better living.
Better moments.
But I am stuck.
Stuck with hunger.
Stuck with my anger.
Stuck with this feeling of failure.
Stuck with my fears.
Stripes crossing my wrists like stigmata of unresolved quests.
Drawing messages of hope on my veins.
Hunting moments of pleasure.
Craving for hands to hold.
Needing to fell my heartbeats again.
Wanting to experience thrills once again.
To find out who I really am.
Despite everything, I’m human.
How did I got there.
To a point of no coming back.
How did I tumbled into a slow and smooth decline.
Flirting with the abyss of my soul.
When did it started…
This immediate winter of my heart.
This cold invading my blood.
Shutting myself from painful truth.
Filled up with mistrust.
How did it started and will it stop.

But let me tell you a story… The story of how I’ve killed myself.

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