C'est par un temps glacé et venteux (-6°C) que l'équipe junior de Vully à rencontrer l'équipe Rolling Aventicum d'Avenches.
J'ai pris la fin du premier tiers temps, et le début du second. Contrairement aux joueurs, rester immobile m'a glacé les mains, et j'ai préféré rentrer me réchauffer.

This is with this freezing weather (-6°C) that Vully played on its own field against Rolling Aventicum from Avenches.
I only took part of the first and second period. If the player were quite in a warm condition, I didn't and take the chance to be in a warmer envirronment than outside where my hands were freezing !

Vully: 0
Rolling Aventicum: 14

Music: Cliffs of Aran by Todd Smith (use with permission on my podcasts)
web: musicbytoddsmith.com/song/3

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