Olympic kayaker Lisa Carrington is partnering with Xero so she can build business skills as she trains hard for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.

"This relationship with this Xero is for the future," Lisa says. "There's a life after kayaking and I don't want to always be known as 'an athlete' or 'Lisa Carrington the kayaker'. So to begin this relationship with Xero and then continue it – I feel there's a lot of potential for my growth as a person."

She's looking forward to using the relationship to "really work within Xero to see and to learn how things work, and to see how innovative Xero is – that's quite exciting."

Previously, Xero has done something similar with Olympic gold medalist and triathlon world champ Hamish Carter, which helped him transition into a successful business career.

For more information on the partnership, check our blog: xero.com/blog/

...and keep an eye on Xero TV: xero.com/tv/

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